Winter At The Beach

Hi there, I’m back with some new travelling stories in the cold season. I know, the German North Sea cost is surely a summer destination, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got any charm during winter. In fact – it does!

Me and the man went there on a day trip (since I had to go to Hamburg anyway on business) to check out the beach in Cuxhaven. One advantage of wintery holidays is, that you get awesome hotel deals. We stayed in a big studio room in the three star hotel Seeschwalbe – pretty closely located to the beach (basically just across the street). Breakfast has been included and it was delicious – local fish specialities and other international and regional delights.

The town center itself was quite a walk away (6 km) – but it was nice to go for a beach hike. As you would imagine it in Northern Germany – the weather has been rough, windy, cold and snowy. But exactly this has its own appeal. Wrapped up in hats and coats we marched along the “coastline” – and since it was low tide, we got to walk around in the mud flat, that is covered by water during high tide. Pretty cool feeling to think about it – just strolling around on the ground of the sea…

After a couple of miles we arrived at a little bay that had actually water in it, and I couldn’t resist stripping down to my jeans and shirt and jump in, even though people in their hats and boots and coats looked at me if I was crazy..

In the downtown area it took us forever to find a bar, restaurant or café that wasn’t closed – most of them only open in the evening or during tourist season. That place seemed to be a bit like a ghost town, so we checked out the harbour and killed some time until we found a few open places… Had some cocktails, some hot grog (like eggnog punch with whipped cream – awesome) and ate pizza (but if you’re into fish, there is a huge choice of seafood places)…

It felt good, to be by the seaside – no matter how cold it was!

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