Shredding the Gnar! Riding Copious Amounts of White Pow so Hard That Others Are in Awe… Or in Other Words: Trying to Snowboard Decently

Last year I kind of learned how to snowboard – or at least I managed to get down the slope and to do turns without falling down all the time.

Learning was –and still is – a hard process and I think everybody who snowboards knows what I am talking about. It’s exhausting to get back up all the time, it’s exhausting to concentrate on not falling, it’s exhausting to not bump into others.

Last weekend I did it again, I went on a trip to the Alps with my co-workers – my boss being my private teacher (everybody else just skied or hiked). He taught me how to do my job; he might as well show me how to ride.

For the first time ever, it started to be fun. I didn’t quite shred down the hill, but I was able to finally ride down smoothly with fluent turns. And without falling.. I liked it. A lot. I’m fully on snowboarding mode and try my best to do it again this year so riding will soon become second nature to me. And maybe I can even try out some jumps and whatnot. And maybe I can try to get out of this one chairlift (that basically shoots you out) without falling onto some ice block every single time, which is rather annoying, especially for my knee. In the end I didn’t even attempt to not fall, I rather worked out how to fall in a controlled way.

I had a really good weekend in the snow, awesome weather to chill out in the sun (unlike last year where I had to board in a cloud) and good food in the ski lodges. Perfect conditions for a shiny, white winter holiday. And once again I realized, that hard work pays off – at least when it comes to sports and gaining skills.


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