It’s a Long Way to the Half Marathon Start Line

I haven’t posted much about my running, although I intended to. I basically had to take a break since I was on vacation and then have been sick.

Starting to train for the half marathon in May is kinda more than frustrating… The training break slowed me down by almost a minute per kilometer – and I’m currently trying to force myself to get back in shape, but that’s just making it worse.

After some shorter runs in Febuary/March, I decided to run the half marathon distance just to see how it goes. I did that in Hamburg on the famous Alster loop (7.4 km), where I intended to do three rounds (apparently my math is not too bad). I must say, two rounds have been fine, but the last 6 km have just been painful. The fact, that the water fountains weren’t working yet, didn’t really help either, so I, being a wee bit dehydrated, forced myself to finish the last loop and made it until about km 19 – then I had to walk-run the rest and finally made the 22.9 km (I dragged myself past the hotel because I forgot where it was) in around 2:45 hours.

Well, well, didn’t I overestimate myself when I signed in. I thought “I can run 10 km, can’t be so hard to run 20 km” – but in fact, I was wrong… In the end I felt really unwell and sick, craved sugar, showered, went out to eat, eat, eat and drink sweet soda.

I began to panic a little and needed a plan – namely a training plan, which I quickly found in the all-knowing, wise internet. According to that plan I have to run longer distances (10-20 km) four times a week. I did that last week. My pace mostly sucked. I feel tired, I have trouble to sleep, I have been dreaming and sleep talking about snakes and tsunamis. I basically can’t really keep it up.

One has to realize that it’s hard to just sort of double your training load within one week. There is literally nothing I can do but slowly trying to get back to my former shape, and trying to go through this 21.3 km in May somehow. Hopefully 6 weeks will be enough time to improve a little, plus, there will be definitely enough water to drink.

And in the end, I will make it in time (I have like almost three hours), I will receive a medal and lots of bananas – and I will be happy.

14-04-2016 11-48-38

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