The Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Series in Dublin

Coincidently the weekend I chose to visit Dublin with my husband was the weekend the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series took place there. Must have been intuition! Of course I signed up for the 10k, because you can never go wrong with that distance – even with a hangover or other unpredictable issues the 10k are always manageable..

On raceday I woke up at like 6:30, had a delicious banana-muffin based breakfast, walked towards the start line and waited. It was windy and grey, and probably soon about to rain. At 8:30 I waited in my corral for the countdown… and then it turned out they counted down the start of EACH one – since I was in corral 11 I figured that it could take a while and put my jacket back on..

At 8:45 I finally approached the start line and it started to drizzle. For some reason when I registerd I told them my estimated time would be 1:05 hours, so the run started out rather slow until I was finally able to overtake tons of people during the whole race – which, honestly, isn’t the worst feeling 🙂

I wanted to take it easy to not f** up the 10 days old scar I had on my leg, but it went really good, without me even trying. I just ran and ran, checked out the sights and hopped up the hills along the track effortlessly. Some people who signed up for the half marathon already started walking after one mile – and I really felt sorry for them. That must suck!! Lots of people seemed to be in quite bad shape but took part for fun and to enjoy the atmosphere.. no wonder I got to overtake so many of them…

Talking about the race atmosphere – there wasn’t really one. Most spectators were actually security or race staff.. There weren’t many people at all, which is probably fair enough since it was drizzly and pretty early on a Sunday. I saw my husband standing there in the rain at mile one with my big camera, but he didn’t even bother to take a running pic of me. However, at least I got a “High Five”. Every mile a band was playing which was quite nice – and some of them actually rocked! So, I’d say, it was entertaining enough, but nowhere as much as during my halfmarathon in May.

After 55:29 minutes I crossed the finish line and as always I increased my speed during the last mile and managed to sprint the last 100 meters. I beat my PR by like 3:30 minutes comfortably and without even trying, despite the wind and the hilly course. Seems like my interval training and the trailruns actually paid off! And the cool weather probably helped too.

All in all it was an awesome run in a cool city and my first international racing experience.

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