I’m Going On A World Trip

Today was my last day at work. I had to say bye to lots of good people. I made some great friends in my time there. It’s a weird feeling to drive away from work the last time, not knowing what the future might bring. It’s the end of an era. It’s a bit scary right now but I know it’ll be so exciting! I’d so regret it, if I just had stayed at home and went on with my life.

The past weeks I just ran errands, sorted out things here. Papers, vaccinations, flights. Made plans. Tomorrow will be my last day here in Germany for – as it’s planned – 7 months. More last things to buy (why did they stop producing my favorite contact solution right now?? And where the f*** did I put my waterproof pack bag??). One last run in the cold weather. One last shopping day and one last evening with Ryan (who just called me a slacker without any prospects 😉 )…

One last farewell to my weirdo husband who decided to not join me on this adventure around the world (it’s OK though, he will be visiting me 🙂 ) I really hate good byes! Tears will be flowing as they have.

But after that, thrilling times are ahead. I am finally GOING ON A WORLD TRIP!!!!


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