Cameron Highlands

I’m here now in the Cameron Highlands, on around 1.500 meters above sea level. The weather is cooler, nice in the mornings, cloudy in the afternoons.

It wasn’t quite what I expected (lots of tea fields), but instead lots and lots of new buildings. It’s a popular weekend getaway spot for Malaysians – to escape the heat.

The day I arrived I went for a short trail run (damn, I can’t believe I couldn’t bring my trail running shoes). In the evening I had dinner with some German couple. The night sucked because a frigging baby was screaming every hour. Jesus, who brings their babies into a hostel??

Today I went on a tour that was pretty ace! To see some huge flower (that is in reality a mushroom but looks flowery) we hiked through the jungle for 1.5 hours. Up and down, through rivers and mud, over roots and rocks. It was awesome. For me at least – not for all other people who joined the tour, since also nobody told us, it would get that advanced (I was wearing my running shoes, others sneakers). Anyway, I was covered in sweat but very happy when we finally reached that “flower”. Then we had to go back the whole way.

After that we went to some pretty authentic Chinese place. Turned out I had ordered flubber with an raw-ish egg. Glad they also had French Fries. The others got some jelly chicken. Yummy!

The next stop was at a tea plantation – finally I got to see some nice, non jungle-like countryside, tried some green tea and carrot cake and potentially learned stuff about how they harvest it (not by hand anymore). Pretty nice scenery! In the end we stopped at 2.000 meters above sea level – the highest hill of the region, known for great views. But I never get to see great views and also this time it was pretty cloudy and foggy.


It’s been a really good day for me and nice to travel with a group of cool people. I can highly recommend taking a tour if you happen to go there – especially the hiking part was pretty fun!

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