I’m sitting here on the porch of an old, colonial building, listening to the pouring down rain, to the roaring thunder and watching the lightnings beam down to earth. A perfect ending to my time in Georgetown on Penang.

When I arrived here yesterday, I wasn’t all so impressed. I was walking in heavy, loud and dusty traffic on the main road, carrying my backpacks, covered in sweat. Looking for a good place to stay but nothing appealed to me. So I did what I usually do, when I don’t like it somewhere: I got a fancy hotel with a roof top pool, to at least enjoy some sort of luxury.

But since I was already here I had to give that place a second chance. The morning was spend with extensive pool bumming until I had to check out at noon. So what else does Georgetown have to offer but cars and Chinese temples?

Street art. I got a map with all the locations that show paintings and went treasure hunting for it. Actually quite fun to search for them, and sometimes not so easy. Took me about two hours of walking around in what felt like 1000 degrees under the hot sun.

Next I ordered a rickshaw to take me to an upside down museum. Very relaxing after all that walking. Makes you fell a bit like a queen. The upside down museum itself was lots of fun – it’s basically taking pictures in positions that make you look like your falling from the roof (when you turn the picture around).

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spend with looking for an ATM, booking a ferry to where there is actually a beach, eating delicious Indian Aloo Gobi and escaping to my place just in time before the world has started to go down here. Because right now I’m sitting on the porch of an old, colonial building, listening to the pouring down rain…….

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