The night before I left Georgetown has been terrible. I had “lost” my passport. I remembered having it when I checked in, but after that? No clue. I made the counter clerks check twice. I searched my whole room. Nothing. I know I hadn’t taken it out to town. Where the hell was it?

I literally spent the night looking for it. Researching the internet on what to do now. Checked embassy phone numbers. Planned my trip back down to KL. Said good bye to my trip to Singapore and even Australia in my mind. I panicked. Then I slept 2 hours.

In the morning I made the counter guys check again, before I wanted to call the embassy…. And there it was. I had it back.

So, very tired I headed out to take the ferry towards Langkawi and towards some days of beach- and salt life. And here I am. I ended up at a cool hostel with a bunch of nice people. On my first day I rented out a scooter and cruised around the island. Stopped at some very nice beaches (Tanjung Rhu) and went up a mountain on a cable car. In the evening s we all hung out, watched the sunset, had delicious Indian food.

The next day I joined an island hopping tour on a speed boat. The boat ride really was the best part about it, the places we stopped at were OK. Some lake, a nice beach and a fish farm that was very weird. Why would we stop at a fish farm where there offered indoor snorkeling? Who takes even part in such a thing?? Also at the lake I did get chased by a monkey who was interested in my camera. I really hate monkeys. It just ran up to me and only by screaming loudly I could make him stop / slow down.

Yesterday me and some guys from the hostel took a small plastic boat (provided by the hostel) and rowed to Monkey Island, where we luckily didn’t encounter any of our human relatives. The rowing was so ridiculous. Four people on the boat sharing one and a half paddles. We made it anyway there and back although it was quite hard due to the current.

Today is my last day on the island and I am planning on either sneaking into some other hotels’ swimming pools or check out some waterfalls. I’ll see. Either way it will be better then having to hang out in KL at the embassy waiting for a new passport 🙂

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