I am sitting here in Singapore in my cubical writing this. You gotta love cubical hotels, I think they are so cool… I’ve been here for 2 days now. This evening I am heading out to Australia.

Singapore is by far the best Asian city I have ever been to. Nice, clean, tall buildings, an efficient underground system (where they are obsessed with giving you visual advice on how to behave #shuffleinstacey / don’t be a phone zombie / …).

My favorite part about the city is Marina bay. You can sit there, relax, watch people and wait until the sun goes down to see the stunning skyline in the dark. And of course the Marina Sands Hotel with its awesome top level infinity pool. A night costs around 300 EUR, so I skipped on this one although I did consider going there for just a second.

My first evening there I spent drinking a fine Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel, where the drink had been invented apparently. Hence it’s only fair that they charge 36 S$ (around 22 EUR) for it. Anyway, Yolo. I enjoyed my evening there (texted and gossiped with my friend) plus they do offer free peanuts on which I stuffed my self up to a sickly level.

The second day I bought an underground pass and rode through the city. Checked out the huge botanical gardens, in which it was even more humid. Went to one of the shopping malls (they must be obsessed with consuming here. And Christmas). Tried on some Asian outfits (also the malls are so freshly air conditioned, it’s worth spending some time there). Visited Little India and one of its temples, in which I had to wear a sari kinda thing because of course I was not dressed decently enough (shorts and top).

In the late afternoon when the sun peaked out I decided to take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, a big wheel to get some cool city views. They were beautiful but I was scared my cubical could just fall off, so I was not too sad when it was finally over. After that I went to see the big trees when they are lit up. I really like them now. Whenever I saw pictures before I thought WTF are they even? But now, since I have seen them – they are quite nice.

At night time I went for a run. The day before I ran in the afternoon, and it was so exhausting and hot. There are so many people running in Singapore though (there is a Marathon coming up), so I got really motivated to do it again and it was just as hot at 9 pm. But anyway. Done is done. Plus it helped me not get tired early so I could stay up and skype my mom.

Now I have a few more hours to hang out here until I have to go to the airport, and after two weeks on the road it’s probably time for me to get some shopping done!

I see you in Down Under!!! xx


4 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Salute to you for doing what you wish to and I do hats off to all the people who follows the motto, “Just don’t live but live LIVE”. Kudos, happy exploring, who knows your explorations and posts might inspire someone from among the 7 billion people on our planet to do something extraordinary.

    Good luck…


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