Australia – The Outback

Hi from the Red Center of Australia! The past 5 days I have spent here, now it’s time to move on. I’m really glad I came here, Australia is just so cool – and I think not only the centre. The people, the countryside, the wide flats, the beaches… The wildlife.

Ever since I have arrived here in Alice Springs I was just so busy meeting people. In the hostel, on tours. So many nice and interesting people to hang out with. You’re really never alone.

The Outback is just so diverse, I would never have thought that. Colorful countrysides (red soil, light and dark green grass and bushes, yellow flowers, blue skies, white clouds), dusty, red roads, trees, bushes, grass, red rocks, and there is even water here and there. Starry nights, stunning sunsets and -rises, clear skies. Dry heat.

I have seen Uluru, the Aborigines’ sacred rock. THE thing to see when in Australia. Seen it in all colors of the day. I have hiked around Kata Tjula, another red but more diverse rock. Stunning nature and interesting geology. Just like the hike on King’s Canyon, with it’s red golden sandstone cross beddings and incredible views.

I have slept in swags under billions of bright stars. There was no light pollution at all, it was incredible. Sleeping on the floor, in the middle of nowhere. Just us and the starry sky. Well, and the occasional dingo who would snoop around the camp looking for remains of out BBQ (we saw the footprints, dude!!). Rising up at 4 am every morning to make sure I wouldn’t miss out on the sunrise, to see the whole spectrum of colors the outback has to offer. Also to beat the heat…

And last but not least I have driven to the West MacDonnells in a 4×4 vehicle to relax at beautiful waterholes in front of even more beautiful gorges. Taking swims, cooling off surrounded by spectacular nature. Then hiked along and through a dried river bed to Redbank Gorge. Just me and the Outback. That was such a cool experience, especially when something jumped out of the bushes and literally crossed my way to hop up a slope. Then stopped and looked at me. Curiously. And I looked at him. And he sat there for a while, as if he would wait for me to take a pic. That small kangaroo. Or in fact, as I have just googled it – it was a wallaby. But whatever. It was perfect.

So, I can say, so far I am very much in love with Australia. I enjoyed every single moment. Today I will be flying to the East Coast – I can’t wait……

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