The Great Barrier Reef – Snorkeling De Luxe

I landed it Cairns yesterday, got my car and somehow navigated myself to Port Douglas. With my phone GPS on my legs, on the left side, through weird roundabouts and rather curvy roads.

Checked in, slept like a baby and got picked up for my snorkeling tour at 7.40 am. Now, I’m big on snorkeling. Or on being dropped off on the middle of an ocean. I always get water in my eyes, ears and nose.

Anyway though. I am at the Great Barrier Reef. I can’t not go out there snorkeling. So I paid the 240 $ (160 EUR) and booked myself into a day trip with WAVELENGTH, where the coffee is meant to be particularly good on board (I don’t drink coffee).

The drove us out to the Opal Reef and dropped us off at three different sites. And. It was awesome! Awesome! They had nice and proper gear, gave us briefings about each site, had 4 marine biologists on board who gave us information about the reef and its inhabitants and even a guided snorkeling tour.

The Reef itself is beyond beautiful. So much wildlife. Colorful fish. Bright corals. Other weird things like sea cucumbers. It was so incredible I consider it as one of the best days of my life and I am glad I had the chance to check it out. Three hours of submarine nature, three hour of diving into a very different world.


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