Roadtrip And Wildlife Interactions In Australia

Hi from Magnetic Island. I started my road trip down South two days ago. It’s really relaxing to drive here in Australia. Not much traffic, lot’s of good entertainment in the radio (listened to a debate about Down Syndrome for an hour and one about how Filipino-Australians have it harder to get into Basketball teams than, well.. white Australians)…

Every now and then I stopped at some nice beaches when I saw one and chilled out for a while, walked around. Read my book. Slept. It’s incredible how easy it is to find nice, remote and empty beaches, even here on Magnetic Island.

Anyway, I am here on a two night island vacation. Had to abandon my car (ferry prices for vehicles are ridiculous) but that’s all right. They have great hiking / trail running paths. Now its too hot for the latter, but hiking in the heat isn’t too bad. Although… never had sweat ran down my face in this amount like it did today. It was balls hot! But I got some good views, saw lots of nice beaches and bays and – even though I know they were there – didn’t see any snakes…

Well, that’s not quite true. After the 10k hike I visited a wildlife sanctuary, where you could interact with (hold) certain animals. A snake (which I had never really touched before), a baby crocodile, a lizard, several birds and a koala. Now that just was cuteness overload, and even the snake wasn’t bad.

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