The Whitsundays

I spent the past 4 days in Airlie Beach, from where you can board many different boats to cruise around the Whitsunday Islands. Never heard of them? One of their beaches – Whitehaven Beach – is Australia’s 3rd most popular destination… Not sure if that just was bad English, at least it sounds odd. Anyway…

The first trip took me to two snorkeling spots at nice beaches on a old sailing ship. The DERWENT HUNTER. It was really cool, I almost didn’t get sea sick. Only have we been unlucky since there wasn’t any wind at all. So. Bad for sailing. We got the sails out anyway, just for shits and giggles. And then stood there for a while until the skipper turned on the engine and we “sailed” away.

Better then the sailing experience were the snorkeling spots since I saw a sting ray and swam with a turtle. Yes. Literally bumped right into it when I reached it and it wouldn’t swim away to let me pass. It was so cool and relaxed and just hung out there for a while and posed for some pics (and got some air too, I guess).

The trip I took the day after was much different. Ocean Rafting. I basically was on a speedy gummy boat and raced across the sea. That ride was hella fun, I’d never have thought. Also, no sea sickness, even without tablets. The highlight was when we stopped at Whitehaven Beach, the most gorgeous white beach with turquoise water. There are two lookouts from where you can see the different shades of blue and white depending on how deep it is. I had that picture in my mind when I booked the trip and it was as cool as I had expected.

After all that adventure I just hung out at the lagoon today, hiked in the heat to a lookout where you can’t see much and had a milkshake (I’m a rebel). I passed by a skydiving agency and if they’d have asked me if I wanted to do it. I’d have considered it. I’m glad they didn’t though.

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