Roadtripping further down

Airlie Beach – Hervey Bay

It’s time for the road. Just when I started the weather cooled down, and it’s a nice change not to sweat all the time. It’s nice, breezy and fresh. And I’m driving. A lot. I basically live in that car, staying at campsites.

The roads are long and straight – quite tiring so I stop a lot. At drivers’ revivers places, where they offer free coffee. I’m driving through stunning countryside, grassy, bushy plains with lots of ranches and cattle. And tons of eucalyptus trees.

I like it so much, I keep turning into smaller roads, to just look at it and check it out. I’ve been to beautiful beaches but that windy, rainy weather and that great nature amazes me so much, I’m so excited. It makes me realize I’m a nature– rather then a beach girl. I get so excited about the wind and the wild, wide countryside.


And then – kangaroos just hop out of the bush and over the streets. After 20 meters they stop and just look at me. They are so curious. I’m stopping the car just to watch them. For a whole hour. They eat and every now and then they look up. I feel like I have all time in the world. There is no-one else. It’s so cool. I’m really glad that’s just happening and that I’m able to be here on this road.

At the campsites I meet lots of people. There is this little family with a baby who drive around in a bus. With a snake and a Great Dane puppy dog. We go to the pub and play some pool, have some cider.

It’s a nice change from all those touristy beaches to get to talk to some Aussies and just cruise though the country, through random cities and just stop at random van parks whenever I’m tired of driving. The weather is not beachy at all anyway – perfect timing!


And then, the weather gets better. I end up at Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 (after when Cook discovered it I guess). I’m at a very sociable hostel with lots of backpackers. That’s OK every now and then. I’m going on a 7.5 k run on the beach as preparation for the 10k Gold Coast Beach Run in a week. Haven’t been running so far in quite a while and the wind was blowing strongly around my ears (that’s how we would express it in German – basically strong winds). Fun though. The tide is coming in, too, so I am running playing “catch me” with the ocean.

Next day I’m taking surfing lessons. I’m not really a water person. A bit scared of the big waves. But it works out enough, the boards are heavy and stable. Standing up is easy enough and the teachers are pushing us into the waves. The hard part is all the paddling and knowing which wave to take… Also I fell off and possibly broke my pinky toe. It’s pretty purple. Should be fine for the run though, just have to run slow I guess…

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