Fraser Island

Frasier Island is a sand island just off the coast of Hervey Bay. I drove there and had to drop of my car at the airport, where the only chance to get back was to grab an expensive taxi. So I walked. After 20 minutes some guy stopped and gave me a lift. I love Australia.

I’m staying at a really nice, small hostel and everybody speaks in such a strong dialect. Took me some time to get used to.. Like:

“nooooight” would be night (same with right, etc.)

“ceeeaowws” would be cows (sounds like chaos)

“todaaaaiiii” would be today

“yeeeeeee” would be yeah

Anyway, I got used to it, so it’s all good…

The trip to Frasier Island was nice. We’d ride around in a 4 x 4 on sand roads and on the beach (that is also an official highway). It is the longest beach I have ever seen (75 mile beach) and pretty gorgeous with nice waves, shiny blue water and full of tiger sharks. The only safe-ish place to go in are the Champagne Pools, to little lagoons that are separated by rocks and the big waves rolling over those rocks make the water sparkle like champagne. Pretty nice. Of course we had a glass of champagne there, too.

We stopped at some other places, lakes, creeks, but I was mainly impressed with that cool long beach. It’s been a good day out there with some interesting people in my car (an American who is originally from Vietnam and fought in the Vietnam war from age 16 to 26).

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