Gold Coast

Hi I’m here in Surfers Paradise/Gold Coast. And I really like it here. Even though lots of people I met want to skip that place because it’s touristy and urban – I don’t understand why. It may be touristy, but so is anything here along the East Coast. And it’s not backpacker-touristy. It’s Australian tourists touristy… So here I come to the points why I do like Gold Coast:

  • It’s a big place. There are lots of Aussie tourists and the backpacker scene is spread out.
  • Not everybody here speaks German. Apparently there are 4 Million Germans traveling in Australia. It didn’t even surprise me hearing my own language on a regular basis anywhere. It’s kinda fair enough, because I’m here too. But whenever I introduce myself as German people are like: “Jeeez, so many Germans here….” Not here. In my hostel there are 90 % English speakers, mainly from the UK. I guess all the Germans went to Byron Bay.
  • Brings me to my next point: Gold Coast isn’t hippie at all. I like that. The place is made up, nice parks, nice malls, good infrastructure, restaurants. People go out to party. People spend their money. You get entertained here. And by that I don’t mean some tanned dude with wild hair playing the guitar. I mean real entertainment. Yay.
  • I really like urban beaches. I’ve seen many natural, remote ones, but here it’s different and bubbly. The beach is long and wavy. They have lifeguards. There is always stuff to see. People learning how to surf, elderly Asians modeling for pictures, birds, dogs playing ball, waves, people getting smashed by waves.
  • I have a thing for tall buildings. And I even have more of a thing for tall buildings on the sea shore.
  • The weather is nice and breezy – it doesn’t feel too hot.

I may not have come here if it wasn’t for the Gold Coast Beach Run, but I’m glad I did in the end, since I had a really good time here in Surfers Paradise. Next stop – Sydney!

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