3rd Place At The Gold Coast Beach Run

I like to take part at races while I’m traveling. So I signed up for the 10k distance of the Gold Coast Beach Run – without much training and only have been doing 5 ks for the past two months I couldn’t be bothered with the Half on sand.

So, this morning I got up at 4 am, walked up the beach to the starting point, got my bib and singlet. Watched the half marathon people start. And then……


I don’t know how this could have happened, me and some other people were at the bathroom and when I came back the crowd was already on the move. I could still see them. Not too bad…From this point I was on a mission: To chase them!!

I started out fast with 5:09 min/km and soon reached the end of the group. And then I kept going. Kept overtaking people. First the really slow ones, but then the “normal” ones too. Males and females. Lots of the males gave me their thumbs up. It was great.

The course took us 5 km north along the shore and then back. At some point I saw some runners who had already turned. Not so many people ahead of me really (I must say it was a small group who did that 10 k – not more then 50).

By the time I reached the turning point I had counted two women who were before me, the 3rd I overtook there. And then I just ran. But didn’t get the chance to overtake the other two women. I got tired at km 8 and just kept running my pace, overtaking one or two other guys.

And there I was at km 10 – 3rd! And really, I don’t know how late I was. But the times of two women were quite close and maybe I could have actually won that race…. I can’t believe this. I have not ran this distance for months.

I’ will try another time at another small running event:) My first time on the podium after a race. That’s just so cool!!

Now off to the beach…

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