Merry X-Mas From Sydney

After a 15 hour over night bus ride I arrived in Sydney a few days ago. And what is there to say? Everything you hear about that glorious city is quite true.

It’s pretty. It’s easy to get around. The weather is pleasant, the wind can be strong and chilly. Traffic is really bad.

I live in downtown, so all the sights are accessible by foot – just might takes a while. After 5 days I have roamed around the streets in the CBD, Surry Hills, The Rocks, Bondi Beach and Manly. I marched through the Botanical Gardens and walked / jogged over the Harbour Bridge several times to catch the sunset and good views.

I went to Manly Beach which was crowded but still nice enough to take a nap. I went shopping and got lost in those big malls. Checked out very nice imperial buildings (now fancy shopping malls).

I hurried to Mrs. Macquarie’s chair to wait for the sunset at 5pm when I realized it wouldn’t happen before 8pm (I lost one hour while traveling here) and thank god I had a good book with me. As nice as the view is, I didn’t fancy staring at it for 3 hours.

I went out for a cocktail at Grandma’s, a cool location where you can enjoy drinks granny style (I sat in a rocking chair). Had breakfast in one of Surry Hills hip coffee shops – fried brown bread with avocado spread, two soft boiled eggs and fresh fruit on granola, nuts and yogurt. And Chai Latte. It was awesome and so much better then my usual morning banana or nutella bread.

I dived into the enormous crowds on George Street – it’s impossible to run there though – and joined the After Work party people in of the old pubs in The Rocks. Every now and then, when I passed by a park, I laid down, relaxed and read my book.

On X mas eve I walked from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. I basically did some serious beach hopping, only the weather wasn’t really beachy. In the evening I did go to some Christmas Corals church which was actually very entertaining. They had an awesome choir and I felt like being in a musical. Really really good. Afterwards I checked in some bar to have my traditional x mas whiskey (an Old Fashioned) that made me feel a bit nauseates but tradition is tradition.

Even after 5 days all by myself in this beautiful city I didn’t get bored of it. Time just flew by every day, there is so much to do, eat, drink and see. So many street artist and good musicians on almost every corner. I could see myself living here, at least for a while. They have good entertainment, easy beach access, the blue mountains are nearby, good weather and nice parks and residential areas.

Now, merry x mas and lots of love to all of you who read this! Have a really good day. I will talk to you again in Fiji!!


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