Fiji Islands

Hey from the Fiji Islands. I can’t believe I’m actually there. In the South Sea. In paradise.  Lot’s of crystal clear water that contains of so many different hues of blue. Lot’s of palm trees and white sand. And lot’s and lot’s of teeny weeny islands. Some only 50 meters in diameter, others a little bigger. But they all are tiny.

I am on Nanuya Balavu Island (Manta Ray Island Resort), that is part of the Yasawa Island Group. It’s basically pretty remote somewhere in the pacific ocean. So.. what can you do there except of getting a nice beach tan?

Many people hop between the islands, so you get to see a larger variety of beautiful places. I only have five days, of which the first and the last I am staying on the main island. Not enough time for island hopping, so one place has to be enough for me.

Here they offer cooking classes, kayaking, stand up paddling, snorkeling, diving, hiking, fishing and some other activities. It won’t get boring. On the first day I went on a guided kayak tour, but you can just take a boat and paddle off by yourself. Just to some nearby islands to check out their beaches. You can paddle over the reef and actually spot the fish and corals in the water. Or just float around and relax.

On my second day  I went on a hike across and around the island. The whole thing only took an hour due to lack of land. But it took me up a little hill for some nice views and we had a coconut break at another pretty beach. The third day we went snorkeling. I did miss the shark and the turtle but saw a great variety of colorful fish. There are sea lice in those waters that sting you which can get annoying though.

The hotel has a meal plan so we get fed 3 times a day – the food is really good, there is quite a nice selection of things and a 3 course fancy dinner. There aren’t any shops or anything else is on this island. Only our resort, that consists of a bar, open restaurant and a small number of huts. It’s really pretty cool.

When I’m not taking part at any of the activities I spend my time eating / socializing at the restaurant, relaxing in a hammock, reading and playing hours of beach volleyball. One time I even went for a run but because of cliffs the islands can’t be circled – so I ran up and down the beach for 30 minutes in soft sand which was – let’s say – not too much fun. There is just not enough land for Fiji to be a great runner’s nation…

That’s it basically. Today I will be taking the ferry back to the main island – it’ll be a beautiful ride. I had three brilliant and active days in paradise. New Zealand here I come 🙂

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