Auckland and Rotorua 

Hi from New Zealand, where I finally have a nice travel mate. Ryan arrived here after 33 hours of flying and changing planes and we had a great time in Auckland, eating, drinking, celebrating the New Year 12 hours early and watching the fireworks. We had found a good spot for that at the Viadukt and then napped for 30 minutes until the show started 🙂

It was nice to sleep at a real hotel again and not in hostels and it’s awesome to travel together. Only my camera lens broke and I had to invest in a new (better one, 18-140 mm) and I promise to not just drop my camera everywhere now.
After we picked up our campervan we headed to Piha Beach, a nice one with black sand. The weather wasn’t perfect but ok and we just walked up some cliffs and enjoyed the views on the crowds. New Zealand ist just so ridiculously crowded in January, you have to make sure to pre-book everything in advance, especially campsites.

The next stop was Rotorua, located near a few geothermal fields with mud pools, steam vents, sulfuric smell and a geyser. I know all that from my time in iceland but it’s cool to see how different everything here in New Zealand is. That geyser basically builds up for 15 minutes and then spits out water for another 8 minutes – so enough time to take lots of pics. Unluckily the sky was quite overcast so everything just looked like a huge cloud. But anyway. It was ok.

More than ok I thought is the geothermal field at Wai-O-Tapu with the stunningly awesome  and colorful looking Champagne Pool. I loved it there, everything looked pretty (much prettier than in Rotorua). Also I got to try out my new GoPro 5 after I actually lost mine. I still can’t believe I lost it though, must have fallen out of my bag at Piha Beach. It’s just so easy to lose things while traveling with a backpack, like shirts or socks. I have no clue how to take more care than I already actually do… Oh well.

Now we are in Tongariro National Park to get some beautiful hikes done. Rain is pouring down at the moment though, feels like the world is going down but we are ever so comfy in our camper van. Gives Ryan time for a nap and I have time to update my blog!
Wish us look for better weather, the forecast doesn’t look too bad at least!


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