Abel Tasman National Park

Our first stop on the South Island would be the Abel Tasman National Park. Golden, sandy beaches surrounded by dark green mountains. And the wine regions aren’t far either.

So the first night/day we slept at the beach, then hung out at the beach and drank some good local wine… at the beach. Nice and relaxing, except I also went for a trail run along the Coastal Walk, that passes cool tidal landscapes (basically sand and some bushes) with lots of mountains in the horizon.

The day after we joined a guided kayak tour, that would lead us from the North to the South of the National Park – on a sea to land perspective. Plus it’s a good workout. So in the morning we took the water taxi to some beach where we hopped in our kayaks (two man ones – me in the front, Ryan in the back). We passed by a seal colony and sow some super cute fur seals being lazy on the rocks. Then some even cuter pups appeared waddling from stone to stone.

The rest of the day we just paddles along the beaches and stopped every now and then fro good views and lunch. Then hiked a little along a river (and in the river) where I cut my toes on some sharp rocks and broke my flip flop. Worth it though, I love river walks.

It was good fun, awesome weather and barely any wind. Perfect conditions for hanging out on the water.


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