West Coast / Glacier National Park

We arrived at the west coast in the pouring down rain. There is barely any visibility, the whole country seems to be in a cloud. Apparently the have 350 rainy days here. And here we are, with our sunburnt noses, not really fitting in.

So, after a long, rainy drive we got there and went out for a hot dinner in the Franz Josef township (basically a little village with hotels, restaurants and a shop). Then I realized I had yet again lost my shower bad and had yet again to buy new shower utensils. Which I did but turned out I bought conditioner instead of shampoo. Jesus, you really get to know yourself when you travel and it seems that I am really having a hard time to keep my stuff together.

We booked a trip onto Fox Glacier for the next day – the only day within a 10 day range where the weather forecast does not say: Rain. Unfortunately it still did rain a little and the glacier was covered in fog for most of the day so all tours got canceled. Maybe tomorrow, but I doubt it.

Instead we went right to the terminus of both glaciers, on a nice valley hike, along the glacial stream and across the moraines. It cleared up every now and then, so we did get some views.

After that we went for a short rain forest walk. I have seen a lot of rain forests, and they all look the same but this one doesn’t. It’s really mossy, everything is basically covered in moss – as a result of all those rainy days. Also they have such cools ferns, look like and are as tall as palm trees – just without the risk of coconuts dropping on your head (just on the plus side). It feels a little like in Jurassic Park.

Last but not least we hiked around a lake – in which you are meant to see awesome reflections of the snowy mountains. And just as we got to that point, it cleared up and I got to take the perfect photo. Got lucky after all.

P.S.: The day later they told us they’d give the heli hike tour a go. So we all got briefed, put on layers of warm and rain proof clothes, got weighed…. annnnnnd then the weather turned and the pilots didn’t want to fly. 🙂

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