Mt. Aspiring National Park / Wanaka

After all the rain and bad weather we headed east, towards Wanaka and the Mount Aspiring National Park… after some hours of driving we arrived. In Middle Earth. In Middle Earth where the skies are bright, the lakes emerald blue and the mountains steep and jagged. I could literally see the Hobbits walk along the ridge towards Helm’s Deep.

Finally I arrived in the New Zealand how I had expected it to be. We found a camp site by the lake, had some wine, had some food and stood by the shore listening to Lord Of The Rings tunes. I know – pretty cheesy.

The next day we drove down a 30 km gravel road further into the mountains and unfortunately the weather there wasn’t all too good. In fact, it was bad. I guess there is a reason why there are so many glaciers… Anyway, we started our 10km valley hike that led us across green meadows with lots of sheep and through a beech tree fores along a tumbling creek. In the end we had – or should have had – stunning views on Rob Roy Glacier, but it was pretty foggy and rainy when we got there. So we were able to see parts of it but not so sure if I’d call it stunning. But it wasn’t bad.

Passing through Queenstown the day after, we stopped at a Kathmandu and bought lots of expensive outdoor clothes, to be more prepared for rain and wind. Our next destination was Glenforchy, located in the South of Mount Aspire National Park.

Same story, the weather in the mountains was quite cloudy and drizzly, but not as bad as the day before. We took a path recommended by some tourist info dude – but turned out it was a nature paths that lead us through a forest towards some open flats. We basically spent 4 hours walking surrounded by trees, without any views or climbing. I must say, I have seen enough nice trees now, thank you. I want views and alpine hiking – pretty hard to find it seems on one day hikes. On the good side, we did hike around in the very forest where Liv Taylor appeared to Aragorn (was it Aragorn?) and it did look pretty. Also after being in Mordor (on the Tongariro Crossing) I have now passed Isengard. Some of you might know, I do love the tune “They are taking the hobbits to Isengard” and not only once have I listened to the 10 hour loop on YouTube. Only now it must be: “They are taking the Causeys to Isengard!”

Here’s is the link: ISENGARD

You might be bored at work and want to listen to it. I recommend you do!

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