Fiordland National Park

The Fiordland National Park is another highlight, at least that’s what the travel guides are telling you. Well, and of course those awesome postcard pictures from Milford Sound… And yeah, the weather wasn’t bad when we got to Te Anau, the base for cruises through the sounds (basically fjords).

Unfortunately Ryan got sick, so we got ourselves a room where he can chill while I went trail running, went to get some take away pizza and booked the tours.

At first we visited Doubtful Sound. That one is more remote and harder to get to. It’s also longer and wider. They take you on a cruise across a lake and then on a bus ride over a pass to finally arrive at the sound. It was pouring down when the ship set out and the visibility was .. well, there wasn’t any, really. Luckily it cleared up, so we could see the tall mountains along the sound and enjoy the 3 hour cruise.

The next day was wet and rainy, we just hung out at another hotel room, watched TV, got food, did what we would do at home. And I got sick, too. Never the less we were keen to head out to Milford Sound the day after. It’s a two hour, scenic drive into the mountains but you can make it a whole day trip and take several hikes. I really would have loved to do that but still didn’t feel well. I feel like I’m missing out on so many hikes here and when I do them it’s always foggy…

Anyway, the weather was cloudy and a little misty, but dry when we got there and all the crew told us how lucky we are. Who even takes all those nice postcard pictures if we are always lucky with the weather just because it’s not pouring it down. How many days do you actually have to wait for it?

The Milford cruise was a little shorter, much less expensive and we got really tasty carrot cake. The sound itself is steeper – Ryan liked that more and I can’t tell. People say no matter if it rains or not, it’s beautiful anyway, but I don’t agree. I think it’s stunning looking on the pictures in the sun, and ok looking in reality.. However, we did get to see angry fur seals arguing with each other which was pretty cute.

On the way home it rained again (maybe we ARE lucky with the weather) and we went back into our nice room, watching TV, turning on the electrical blankets, getting all cozy. We’ll be trying to find some decent, stable weather further south or east, I’m really sick of the rain and drizzle.

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