Mount Cook National Park

Ryan has left… I drove to Mount Cook National Park all by myself. That’s by far not as entertaining as it was with him. But anyway, some exciting two days were laying ahead of me.

The weather forecast was promising. The day he left was the first nice one, and the whole weekend was meant to be nice and sunny… Well literally everywhere – but in Mount Cook village. They have there own micro climate, I had never experienced anything like it before. It was rainy and cloudy there when I arrived, but two kilometers further South the sun was shining. Literally only this valley was covered in clouds. So instead of the campsite I chose to sleep in a nice and comfy hostel.

The next day was better, especially on the other side of the mountain were I started the day with some small hikes. In the afternoon I did the Hooker Valley Track, very popular and pretty – and it has cleared up. I was able to see the stunning landscape and snow covered mountains. All pumped up this night I did sleep on the campsite, from where you can see the Tasman Glacier and Mount Cook. I even had a hot water bottle. Woke up at. 2.20 am freezing my booty off. It was so cold in my lousy, Australian sleeping bag that’s only comfy until 10 degrees. And I’m sure it must have been 2 degrees.. Really, really cold. But I survived somehow.

My last day at Mount Cook I spent on Tasman Glacier. My ride was a tiny plane with 8 seats (including the pilot) and skis so if could land on ice. I saw the whole glacier, the glacial lake, icefalls, the moraines, potholes and all features from the air and it looked beautiful. On top of Tasman Glacier we put our snowshoes on and hiked around a little, saw pinnacles, crevasses and an ice cave.

After that I went on a short hike, met a girl and sat in the sun with her all afternoon, surrounded by lush green grass, white mountains and glacial streams.

That really finally was, how I had expected New Zealand to be. I’m glad I went. The next night I stayed in a hostel again.


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