French Polynesia (Tahiti, Mo’orea)

I arrived here after a day of pleasant and relaxed traveling. Got picked up and brought to a very nice guesthouse, very modern, very clean and at the same time very traditional. Helpful and friendly hosts. I am the only guest, I like it here, I have a good night’s sleep and in the morning they serve me delicious breakfast, I skype Roxana and the sun is shining. Awesome first impression.

Well, this is going to change a little. I take the ferry to Mo’orea and get to my guesthouse. It’s a dorm that I booked on It’s a bunch of beds in an attic that doesn’t have a door and lacking windows. Well, this is good for the air flow at night, but it is very basic. So are the facilities and when I wanted to take a shower it was already occupied. By a giant crab.

I met nice people though, a French pensioner and a Chinese girl who I spend my time with. Going to the beach, hanging out at the deck, hiking up those nice his and mountains of Mo’orea and just now we came back from a kayaking trip to the Hilton (didn’t make it before the rain started to pour down and thunder started to growl on the horizon. Not the best conditions to be in the water but I paddled like crazy, took a hot shower and had a good meal. Right now I am sitting on my bed, listening to the massive, loud tropical rain falling on the roof.

I ended up staying 6 nights at that same place. Some other nice people had arrived, the sun came out again and I just basically did nothing. Or next to nothing. I rent a scooter, drove around the island and sunbathed at the Sofitel, another luxury hotel. Had a Piña Colada during Happy Hour at the Hilton. Went to the Lagoonarium, a cool place around some small island where you can relax and snorkel ans some dude feeds the fish twice a day. For 20 years the same sting rays have been showing up twice a day to get some munchies and they aren’t shy at all. Also lots of other colorful fish and sharks show up, birds and two dogs.

It has been a nice and pretty week on Mo’orea, where I was able to relax when I wanted to relax, kayak, snorkel, hike and ride around on a scooter. I met friendly people and saw beautiful places, turquoise water, steep hills and some awesome sea life. I’m glad I got to stop over here.

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