Santiago de Chile

Here I am, finally on mainland South America. In Chile’s capital city. The flight was pleasantly spent watching movies and I had organized an airport shuttle – everything went smoothly.

The day after I figured out my next steps and then took a dip in the small outdoor poor here in the hostel. It’s actually a really nice one, in an old, historical building with tall walls and (unfortunate) squeaky floors.

The city itself I found not so spectacular (the pics are summing it up). Especially on a Sunday when almost everything is closed and people are either at church or at el Cerro San Cristobal. That is Santiago’s house mountain and a nice spot to spend a day. You can ride up by cable car but the line was ridiculously long – I decided to walk.

So I went to the information center to ask for directions. It went like that:

ME: How do I get up there by foot

GUY: It’s a 6 km walk along the street (shows me on map)

ME: And what about that trail? (That is clearly visible on the map)

GUY: Well that’s 3 km…

WTF. Why would I want to walk along the road in first place… Anyway, I hiked up, in 30°C, it was nice and on the summit there was a huge statue of the Virgin Mary and – more importantly – you had awesome views on the city and the Andes mountains in the background.

One day would have been enough time to see the city but I had booked two nights. So the next day I took the Metro out of town to visit on of the nearby wineries. The vineyards are located just below the Andes. I went to the Viña Concha y Toro, an old winery existing since 1883. They gave us a tour through the gardens, vineyards and cellars. After that we got to try 3 of their wines, a Cabernet Sauvignon and two red ones. It’s recommendable, for all of you who like dry wines. I do not, but I did like the white one. Ryan and Alex – you’d probably have loved it. Dry reds and you could taste the quality. All in all it was a good day out and I got to keep the wine glass. Let’s if it will make it all the way back to Germany without breaking..

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