Tierra del Fuego II – Ushuaia

El fin del mundo! Here I am now. At the end of the world. The last stop of my travels in Patagonia. The southernmost city of the Americas (or at least the southernmost decently sized city). I like it here. It’s located in between mountains and the Beagle Channel.

When I arrived it was so cold though, I hand washed all my stinky hiking clothes with shampoo so I have more things to wear. Worked out quite well and also the weather improved a little. So, now I was all set. What do I do here?

I hike. Again. There is a national park that’s quite beautiful and other places to hike around here. Since I am a wee bit worn out of what feels 1000s of kilometers of hiking in the past days I wanted to keep it low. Literally. No need to summit any more mountains – just spend time outside enjoying nature. It almost worked out. The first day I did hike straight uphill to a glacier. The second day I got recommended to hike up 1000 meters again, which I started to do. After 30 minutes straight uphill in a forest I turned around though. I hate forest hikes without views and I could not be bothered to just walking up hour for hour without even seeing anything. So I sped back down to the coastal trail that takes you along shores and through bogs. Since I had to catch a bus back in the evening that I didn’t want to miss I almost ran the 8 km. At the end of the day I I felt like I had raced through the national park in no time and decided: no hikes for the last day.

I by the way got told by some dude that I look extreme and that they were up for some “extreme” hiking up to some mountain tops and if I wanted to join. I am so flattered I make a sporty impression on people but I was like: “You know. No. I actually want to sleep. I want to sleep in.”

So on my last day here in Patagonia / Tierra del Fuego I relaxed, I booked my last flight back home, I went for walks and through shops. But since they all close at 1 pm I decided to go for a run – I wont get the chance again anytime soon to run at a place in the world that is so far South. And after that I ate and drank. Cake, hot chocolate, noodles and a (bad) cocktail in the Hardrock Cafe that was full of kids.

Tomorrow I will be off again, first to Santiago and then to the Atacama desert. I can finally wash all my nasty long sleeves, thermal pants and hiking stuff. I’ll be back to shorts and t-shirts. Patagonia has been the highlight of my trip so far, I really liked it here. Great nature, not over priced or over rated. There are so many more places I had to skip due to lack of time and I know I will be back to visit them. And one day I will be back here in Ushuaia. And on this day I will board one of those Antarctica cruise ships that I saw and whose agencies try to sell last minute deals for the bargain price of 5000 dollars. Very tempting. But not this time…


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