Ushuaia – Buenos Aires – Santiago

Today was a day in transit. A day I was a bit anxious about. A day that’s just started to get relaxing 1 hour ago. It was a very bizarre day for me, crazy and full of rushing. A day I’ll probably remember for ever and that appropriately ends with me watching the FOX Channel…. So, this was my day:

My time in Patagonia are over and I flew back up to Santiago. I had booked a flight via Buenos Aires (BA) with a 3 hour layover and tomorrow I will be flying to the Atacama desert from Santiago. So far so good until I found out I had to change airports in BA and that 3 hours are actually pretty little time to do so. I have looked into how to get the transfer done as fast as possible and reserved a taxi. A guy who worked in my hostel knew a taxi driver in BA, gave me his number and funny whats app conversations started where I texted and he always replied by voice mail (muy rapido) and I never understood what the hell is going on. I don’t know how many ears have touched my phone in the past 2 days to help me out and translate (I might wanna disinfect it actually).


So. The day started out pretty until my first flight from Ushuia turned out to be 20 minutes late. Great. Apparently we flew so fast and made up time so that we would have lost only 5 minutes IF – yeah, if – it would have actually landed when it was literally one meter off the ground. But indeed it did not. I was in disbelief when just right before it was touching the ground we exhilarated and went around. Started again. Flew away. I was just sitting there with my mouth open, watching everything appears smaller and smaller again and thought WTF. And why does stuff like that happen when I really don’t have time? They informed us it had been too windy to land safely and we’d try again. So. Second attempt after 10 minutes of looping – success. We landed and I have never heard the passengers clap louder!!

Meanwhile I had met someone who took the same connection flight and I invited him to share my taxi. We waited for our bags, listened to 5 more voice mails we didn’t understand and finally found our taxi. And off we went.

Since it is Sunday traffic was light and that dude sped like no tomorrow. Really. I felt quite sick from all the braking and speeding and yelling at others. At some point there was a bad accident on the other lane. A car laid on its roof and some dude on the street, eyes closed. Our driver actually slowed down (like everybody else), got his phone out and took pictures!!! Apart from that he was pretty funny, crazy and potentially drunk? I don’t know but that was hell of a ride with loud music and we made it in actually 45 minutes (instead of 1 hour). I even had time to book a hotel room for the night close to the airport.

The rest of trip went smoothly except just before the start of the second flight when we got a bit delayed because some mechanic had to repair something…. Four episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” I landed in Santiago, immigrated into Chile for the fourth time in five weeks, took my free shuttle to the hotel where I am right now. It’s fancy, it has air conditioning (yeah, I am back where it’s warm), two big beds and I can chill here until 10 am tomorrow.

While I am writing this, FOX News are on. I think I had never watched FOX News before. I will leave this un-commented except of… WOW. Just. WOW.

Commentator: “Do you believe in America first?”

Girl: “No I believe in humanity first” –

Commentator: “So which country is better then America?”

Girl: “I don’t know… Sweden maybe?!”

Commentator: “And did Sweden defeat the NAZIs??”

Good night people!


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