Lima – Peru

Roxana’s and Marius’ last step on this journey was all about one thing. Memorizing their trip to Peru forever.. They got tattoos, displaying the Chakana – the Incan Cross. It represents three levels of existence. The “Upper World”, or Hana Pacha, that is inhabited by the gods and symbolized by a condor. The “Under World”, or Urin Pacha, is the world of our ancestors and symbolized by a snake. The world of our existence, the Kay Pacha, is symbolized by a Puma. The hole in the middle stands either for the space through that the shamans can transit into those worlds, or for Cusco, the center of the Incan empire.

During our trip we learned a lot about the ancient beliefs, traditions and habits that are so strongly connected to nature (Pachamama) the sky, the moon, the stars and the sun. It has been very interesting and astonishing to explore those old values and see the remains of how and where not only the Inca but also other indigenous cultures used to live. Roxana and Marius decided to use those Inca symbols and values as a memory for their honeymoon in Peru and Bolivia.

For me it’s a bit too late to start collecting travel memories like this – I’d be heavily tattooed by now. But I have been wanting to get some stars on my foot, simply because I like it. And maybe, if tattoos have to have a meaning they can represent my dream of a world trip that got fulfilled. Or they can just be pretty stars on a foot.

Short story long, we spent a lot of time in the studio INK RAY (@inkraystudio), owned by three Venezuelans who came down to Lima with nothing but their backpacks and now successfully live and work on mouth to mouth propaganda. Daniela (@das_colors), Camilo (@camilo_tattoo) and Miygui (@miyagui_art) are fun to hang out with and their work is artistic and exact. We basically spent two entertaining days there, working out the designs and getting tattooed.

Now the big question… did it hurt? And I don’t really know how to answer that. Mine is tiny but on the foot, right at the bone. There it does hurt during the act but due to lots of little pauses it’s really not bad. Also I didn’t get any colors or shades which apparently hurt like a bitch.

Besides the tattooing I also had to go into town to collect a copy of my tourist card at the oficina de migraciones which wasn’t too hard – only a two hour line up at 4 different queues. Afterwards I strolled through the historic center of Lima, which is quite nice, especially the Plaza Mayor. I went to a museum where you could see some ancient walls and old city maps and had Peruvian veggie food that was potato based.

The last day in Lima we spent in Miraflores (where most of the hotels and hostels are), strolled around by the coast and went shopping. It’s a really up class part of the city with awesome looking sea side apartments and nice houses. Roxana and Marius left at five o’clock and I spent the evening eating very good Chinese food and playing with the B&B’s moustache dog Inca until my journey up north went on…

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