Guayaquil. Which is being pronounced Wayacille – Ecuador

I am in Ecuador, where nothing is really like in Peru or Bolivia. Even the language is weird and hard to understand. Everything seems a little more Americanized, a little rougher. Anyway, that’s my impression after one day in Guayaqill, where I arrived yesterday after a very cozy, 18 hour Cruz del Sur bus ride in a cama seat. Honestly, I would ride that bus all the way back to Europe, its so comfy and “tranquillo” as they’d call it here. Very chillaxed.

This morning I woke up before 7 (that’s normal), had breakfast and then went back to bed for a 30 minute nap. I got so lazy from all that traveling. I wouldn’t mind spending the next three weeks in hotel rooms and just browse the internet all day long. But hey, three more weeks. And Ecuador has so much to offer. I can manage three more weeks and then get my deserved travel holiday in the US.

The early afternoon I spent organizing and booking new adventures, a cruise around the Galapagos islands. Booking that here last minute is muuuuch cheaper then online. But still very expensive. But it’s really now or never, so hells, yeah, why not?! The first agency gave me a bad offer, the second one seemed much better and I sealed the deal by booking a flight there and back before going on an ATM hunt to get all the dinero in cash (6% fee on card). I have 3 VISA cards and today was the first time I was grateful for that. Most banks only let you take out 100 $ at one go – 300 to 600 a day. So I wildly jumped through town, getting the cash out in 10 goes with three cards at three different banks until I literally had the value of 1500 $ in 20 $ notes in all my pockets. I was hella glad to be back at the office and pay for my cruise.

After that I went to get some vegan food with lots of salt (in Peru they never put salt in anything!) and went to the historic district las peñas – a 400 year old neighborhood on a hill with pretty, colorful houses. Not sure if the fact that there was a cop every 100 meters made me feel safe or uneasy. Probably safe. They also only allow you to walk on certain streets and if you accidentally wander off where you shouldn’t you can be sure that someone directs you back to the “tourist path”. One rather annoying thing here is that people (well – men or guys) keep talking to me, how guapa or hermosa I am, which I am very flattered by but.. really? All the time. Due to their “weird” Spanish here the conversations are mainly like this:

“Ah, hola guapa, muy hermosa. Bla bla bla” – me looking at him confused: “Err… como? Saben, donde puedo comprar una botella de vino?” (What? Where can I buy some wine?)

Some just shout hello in all languages they know when I pass by and I got used to ignoring it very quickly. One young tourist from Venezuela even asked me to take a picture with him. Oh one more cool thing. Literally five minutes after I stepped out of the house I saw lots of big lizards – think they are called iguanas. Just hanging out in a park in the middle of the city. Welcome to Ecuador, I guess.

The evening and next morning I hung out with Paul and his family who I got the contact of the Kieran’s aunt. Kieran is a friend of mine who I met traveling in Sri Lanka and then again in Madrid, the Philippines and on whats app. Yes, very confusing. But it was fun going out for dinner and Sangría and then biking around on Isla Santay (swampy island with a few families living on it) to see some crocodiles. Now I am at the airport, way too early because I mixed up the time. Waiting for my flight to Quito, enjoying nice music and good WiFi connection. Ever since I experienced the absolute comfy-ness of Cruz del Sur buses I really don’t want to downgrade to anything less anymore. That might mean I can never board a bus again in my life. Anyway, a 50 minute flight won over a 8 hour night bus…

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