Beach Bashing in Destin, Florida – USA

This post won’t have much text because there are not many words to describe my awesome friends that invited us and other friends to a beach house in Destin, Florida. Liam and Rose decided to skip their wedding party for a beach bash in the sun. One day after their ceremony we all took the 5 hour drive to Florida and arrived at a huge, fancy house, half a block away from the ocean.

We all got super excited and bought tons and tons of food and groceries. After like 30 minutes all our stuff had been spread out as if we would have been living in this house for years. First thing I did was going down to check out the Emerald Coast just before the sun went down. It’s called Emerald Coast for its beautiful, green-blue-ish water.

Ryan and me could only stay two nights but we made it worth it. Pool bumming, BBQ, beach bumming, body boards, green, clear water and mimosas by the shore. Lots of fun and laughter. Apparently Destin is a major tourist destination and the fact that we went there on Memorial Weekend meant it was packed. No problem for us (13 people) though, marching right to the front of the beach – fully American style, carrying a cooling box, chairs, umbrellas and floats. Good times.

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