Orange Beach – Where I Am Lucky Enough to Have A Family In Law

My husband Ryan is American. And where is he from? Orange Beach, Alabama, right next to Florida. Right next to many pretty beaches. How lucky am I to be able to visit my family in law at such a cool place. Beach, boats, sun, fun.

They picked us up in Destin and after three years Ryan and them are re-united again. Plus his brother Blake flew in from Seattle, too. We walked a little along the Emerald Coast and then they took us home – passing by lots of nice beaches, stopping at some sea food restaurant right on the sand where I had a frozen margarita and some fried food. Ryan’s grandmother came by too and I met her for the first time, we all hung out, ate and drank. And of course I am so happy to see Lola again, their Boston Terrier.

Our first day there we spent in the rain, shopping, riding around, catching up. The next day though, was full of adventure. We got up at 5 am to go deep sea fishing. Yes you heard right. The Red Snapper season had just started that day so we sailed out on Dave’s boat to catch some big fish. I sort of thought I’d come for the ride, read my book and they’d catch “my” fish. I got a fishing license online and each person on the boat can legally take two snappers home. The ride there was quite choppy – thank god I have taken motion sickness pills. They made me very sleepy, but I was ok. I sat right on the front, enjoyed the bumpy ride and hoped my spine wouldn’t break when the boat hit the water after big waves (on the way back I took a seat at the rear of the boat).

Long story short, I ended up catching four fish, two of which where big enough so we could keep them. I basically held the fishing rod and the others did the rest. Fish are really strong and I was barely capable of rolling in the rod. It’s been a cool and for me unique experience and I am grateful I could come. Will I do it again? Hell no! I am a vegetarian. Have been the past 20 years. It may sound stupid to you but it broke my heart to see all those fish getting pulled in, fighting for their lives with this sad, sad, … SAD expressions on their faces, literally facing their final destiny. I think eating fish is one thing, catching them another. I will definitely never forget this day. Not sure if they will forget me saying… “err, shit! I think I got one!!” Back on land we watch them clean the fish and make fillets out of them. And I ended up holding one, which was very heavy and the glove got stuck in it’s cheek. What a day though. Also lots of wildlife appeared to eat the fish rests we through into the water, like pelicans, a sea turtle and a dolphin.

The next day we slept long and Terry (Ryan’s dad) took us out on his boat, around the bay and the islands. The sun came out, there were no waves and the whole thing was much, much more relaxing. Just riding around, having fun, stopping over at a bar for drinks and snacks, walking along the beaches. That evening we watched Terry play music at their local bar and had a good time.

Way to little time to spend with family, but after four days there we all headed out different ways. Blake to Seattle, Ryan back to Germany and I am on my way to my last stop on this world trip. The Azores. Right now I am sitting at Boston Airport, about to get a meal, after the best flight I have ever had. They had lots of space, internet on board (Fly-Fi), cool crew and I enjoyed awesome views from New Orleans to Boston. If you are ever in doubt – choose jetBlue. Just saying.

So, 12 more days to go before I am home, one last exciting destination! See you all there…


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