Obergurgl – Ötztal

Months ago I have booked that vacation because I wanted to take part at the “Glacier Trailrun” there. Corona had changed those plans…

We still went, luckily we could travel there again. The drive sucked, we had to de-tour via Italy since there had been a landslide and blocked the road coming from North. It took us eight hours (breaks for Lucas included) to get there and in the end it was so curvy, mountain pass after mountain pass, that Lucas had to vomit..

When we got there, the weather got bad, we explored a little and then I went for a run with the baby stroller, into a nearby mountain forest, to take first breaths of that awesome nature.

The whole place had seemingly shut down, restaurants were closed, barely any tourists.

The next day (the day the race would have taken place) it rained on and off. I postponed my vacation trailrun to Italy, where we went next and just took Lucas on a hike along some mountain slope and over the river. It was raining cats and dogs, I brought my big, colorful umbrella. It was fun. Lucas seemed to enjoy it too, we sang a lot, we talked a lot and made up some rhymes. Everything was covered in green and grey, very matching colors, and in the middle: my red-blue-green-yellow-orange-purple – umbrella. I was at my happy place!

The day after we had blue skies, and I convinced Ryan to join me on a hike up to the lake plateau – around 750 to 800 vertical metres. I loved every second of it and I’m sure, deep inside, Ryan did, too. I carried Lucas and we sang a lot, again.

On top of the plateau we spotted the lakes, the water was deep blue. Grey, foggy clouds snuck around the higher summits in the back – light blue skies over the valley. The grass was as green as it could be. I wanted to run around, run a little higher – I sort of have the urge to just go further and further, to see what else there is. Well, I started to run, then I heard bells. Lots of them. Then I saw them. Huge sheep, maybe 30 or 40 galloped towards me. They were so big, I don’t know, what they wanted, I am used to kettle being chillaxed when I hike somewhere. I was super scared, hopped on a rock by the lake and tried to scare them away – but they where brave, sort of.

I raised my arms, making “chuhh, chuhh” while some came up very close and started to nibble on my jacked. On powerful “CHUHHH” and they all left – in Ryan’s and Lucas’ direction..

I guess they just were curious and after some food, but what a picture: Ryan and Lucas by the lake, surrounded by sheep.

I ran towards them and together we convinced the sheep to leave. Lucas on my arms, raised and waved his little arms bravely, shouting “muuuhhh, muhhhh”. But the sheep understood.

We hung out a little longer, watched the sheep scare two other hikers and then started the descent. Lucas took his midday nap on my back. It’s been a good morning!

“The mountains are my happy place and I will always carry you up there. So you can meet a herd of obtrusive sheep by some beautiful lakes and then raise your little arms shouting “muhh muhh muhh””

Next stop: Italy, South Tyrol!

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